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Business Model Canvas on PowerPoint (Download Link)

UPDATE: Got a new version of the file, with some minor modifications (one canvas instead of two, better descriptions of the fields. DOWNLOAD LINK. Thanks to Kevin Dewalt for the tips!

Some days ago I read an interesting post by Ash Maurya about ways to document Business Model Hypotheses. He offers his own flavor of a Business Model Canvas, a variation of the works of Rob Fitzpatrick and Alex Osterwalder which, in my opinion, fits better to the reality of web-based startups.

In the comments of Ash’s post, Dan Khan, an entrepreneur from New Zealand, posted a link to an extremely cool and simple web-based tool he developed, that allows you to write down your Business Model Hypotheses on the type of canvas Ash proposed.

The tool, as useful as it is, is not perfect yet. My biggest issue with it has to do with privacy. I don’t feel confortable documenting my business ideas on someone else’s servers. Besides that, I’d like to be able to export the canvas as pdf.

So, I decided to simply copy Dan’s canvas on PowerPoint and add the things I think were missing on his tool. The most important change I did was adding a second canvas with the same structure, but thought as the place to document the next experiments you’re going to run to validate or invalidate your hypotheses. This way the canvas can be used as a guide for project management.


Please let me know how if there’s something you would add/remove to improve it.

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